Get a Job

Not a career. Paradoxically, you must not live up to your potential in order to exceed it. Do work you feel is beneath you and be underpaid. Find something menial that doesn’t require or develop any special or particularly marketable skills. Retail and restaurant work is excellent for maintaining stasis.
Crappy jobs are essential to wasting your youth for eventual success. Here, you may shine just a bit (not enough to get promoted) to ensure being stuck in the same type of position for a couple of decades. This will cultivate, first your angst and then your compassion. Start young. It’ll take a long time to crush your ego so that once you’re a wealthy superstar, you’ll be able to relate to common folk and keep humble.

Unsettle-in and get uncomfortable. It may not seem like the most pleasurable way to spend your time. It isn’t. That’s the whole point. If not for paltry beginnings, you’ll have nothing to look forward to.


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