Be Normal

This is slightly different than being average, as average people may be eccentric or uncommon or may otherwise stand out. It’s important to blend in with the crowd. You may be exceptionally bright or dull, but you must never let it show. Keep your brilliant or insane ideas in a journal. Draw them or write them, but don’t show them to anyone or attempt to publish them any time before middle age. Until you can make a name, you must have no name. Being an artist/writer/dancer/musician is truely the best way to waste your youth. No one will ever expect anything from you.

You may feel excessively ebullient or depressed at times. Keep it to yourself. You can be happy without being vivacious. You may be blue, but not depressed. Appearing boring is really for the best. This is not to say that you shouldn’t indulge your emotions or hone your individual talents and skills, but you must do it privately. Remember, thoughts stay inside your head and journals stay under your bed.


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